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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reducing the PDF Page Size when printing

Sometimes we need to print a pdf on a page that is lesser then A4 size. The main reason for this kind of printing is that size reduction. Carrying a A4 PAGE book is not that handy most of the times.

For this we need to reduce the size of the page while printing. Unfortunately in Acrobat PDF Reader this option is not present.

For this we can use the the PDF-XChange Viewer free edition.

Download the PDF-XChange Viewer from

Select File->Print option and Select the Page Scaling as => Custom Scale and Page Zoon as 75% and Select Auto-Center pages in sheets

Please refer to the screen below


After this you can cut the extra white space using a paper cutter.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

How to attach a pdf file to an email from a shell script

Write the following shell script ,

echo "Training Calendar on ` date +%d-%b-%Y` " > /tmp/mailmessage.txt
wget -O /tmp/blr.pdf
mutt -s "Training Calendar on ` date +%d-%b-%Y` " -a /tmp/trg_blr.pdf < /tmp/mailmessage.txt

To change the from email address while using mutt
create a .muttrc in the users home directory if it doesnot exist, then enter the feild

set realname="" this will change the name in the senders name .